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  • Who is welcome? Are there age limits?
    Any male-identifying spanking enthusiast 21 years or older is welcome to participate
  • I’m new to spanking. Am I welcome to come?
    Absolutely. Whatever your interest in impact play, top, bottom, switch or just voyeur – you are welcome to come and join us. Nobody is obligated to play, spank or get spanked.
  • Are there private areas to play in?
    There are no areas of 910 WeHo that are completely private, no. But there are public areas, and much less public areas for those of you who prefer to be away from view.
  • What are the rules regarding sexual play beyond just spanking and impact play?
    OTK LA is primarily a M/M spanking party and not a sex orgy! Having said that, neither OTK LA nor 910 WeHo have specific rules against more sexual play. We ask our guests to consider using the upstairs / mezzanine area which offers more privacy and to always clean up after themselves as appropriate.
  • How much is the party to attend?
    Cost is $35 online or $40 at the door (card/tap only) and includes 2 complementary drinks.
  • I prefer to attend completely anonymously – is that possible?
    Anyone who prefers to go by a pseudonym when interacting with fellow attendees of course can, but as organizers, we require for the waivers to be signed by attendees using their real names. Since we operate on a cashless basis as well, attendees will need to be able to provide credit card / mobile payment (e.g. Apple Pay) for entrance.
  • You don’t take cash?!
    For simplicity and to streamline the entry process, we do not accept cash at the door. We do accept gift cards as long as they are backed by a major credit card (e.g. Visa Gift Card).
  • Tell me about parking
    There are a couple of nearby parking structures in West Hollywood for those unable to find street parking.
  • How do I sign up?
    Click here to sign the waiver and register for our next event. Have a credit card handy.
  • Do you offer a bag check?
    No, we don't have a formal bag check. However, there is a storage room for any items you wish to set down. Leave valuables at home.
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